Remotes For Every Device - How!?

Every Remote Control

Having a remote for every device in the world is no simple task.
It requires understanding and a lot of Data About Remote Controls.

Every TV Remote

We wouldn't be able to make such a claim that we can solve any Air Conditioner Remote Problem in the world if we didn't have partners around the world. So let us share our Secrets


Every AC Remote

We work with The Remote Control Genius Daniel Malchi. He understands the protocols of every type of remote control. Really he specializes in Air Conditioner Remotes or in his native Language שלט למזגן. But from his deep knowledge of Infra red Remotes and the amount of Remote Control Data he has, we are able to guarantee solutions for any remote imaginable. Yes even discontinued ones.

שלטים למזגנים

To us שלטים למזגנים is Jibberish but the Israeli Market is the market that uses remotes more than any other country. Unlike the UK. You wouldn't survive in Israel without an Air Conditioner Remote . Thats why Daniel Malchi from Israel is the most equipped person in our team that has all the solutions.

Give us a try once, type your Model Number in the search box. You will either find your Remote Control, or the system will generate a page with your Remote and watch how in no time it'll be a perfect match.

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