Replacement Emailair AC Remote AR-AB#

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Brand new RemotesRemade Branded Replacement EmailAir AR-AB Remote 

At checkout you will be asked to select from 2 Variations of this remote.

Please select the exact model according the selection at checkout. Each model is priced differently according to the scarcity of the remote. 

WARNING! These remotes do not work one on the other so please have your remote handy. 

If you don't know which model of Emailair you have or if your model doesn't appear feel free to choose the "I don't know - Master" option which will ensure you receive the master Emailair remote which works on all Emailair Air Conditioners which look like the one pictured..

This page is for replacing following Fujitsu remote models:  AR-AB10 AR-DB5, AR-AB8 AR-AB9 AR-AB24, AR-AB15 ,ARAB10 ARDB5, ARAB8 ARAB9 ARAB24 AR-AB20, AR-AB22, AR-AB23 AOT12RSHC  AST9RSHCW AST12RSHCW AOT9RSHC AOT12RSHC
Includes all original remote functions auto, fan, heat and cool functions. 

Works right out of the box.
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