Official Sharp Aquous TV Remote

Official Sharp Aquous TV Remote

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Option 2 - Universal Sharp TV Remote - £19.99 GBP

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This is an Sharp Aquous TV Remote

It requires no setup before use :)

Save money by ordering a Universal alternative which works on arrival.


Also 1 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card. In the rare case of incompatibility, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked :)


We know everyone is stuck at home! That's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouse in London. We ship for free with Royal Mail 2nd class. you can upgrade the shipping speed at checkout.

Some Compatible Models

LC-43CFF6001K (B43CF6001KBR01), LC-43CFF6001K (B43CF6001KB10G), LC-43CFF6002E  A43CF6002EB11N), LC-43CFF6002E (B43CF6002EB11N), LC-43CFE6002E (A43CF6002EB10Y), LC- 3CFE6002E (B43CF6002EB10Y),  LC-48CFF6002E (B48CF6002EBR01), LC-48CFF6002E  R48CF6002EB07B), LC-48CFF6002E (B48CF6002EB07B), LC-48CFF6002E (C48CF6002EB07B), LC- 8CFF6002E (XR486002E07B), LC-48CFF6002K (XC486002K07B), LC-48CFF6002K (XD486002K07B), LC-48CFF6001K (A48CF6001KB04V), LC-48CFF6001K (D48CF6001KB04V), LC- 8CFF6001K (C48CF6001KB04V), LC-48CFF6001K (C48CF6001KB07B), LC-48CFF6001K  B48CF6001KB04V), LC-48CFF6001K (B48CF6001KB15Y), LC-48CFF6001K (D48CF6001KB07B), LC- 8CFF6001K (E48CF6001KB04V), LC-48CFF6002E (A48CF6002EB07B), LC-48CFF6002E  B48CF6002EB07B),
LC-48CFF6002E (C48CF6002EB07B),
LC-48CFF6002E (D48CF6002EB07B),
LC-48CFF6002E (E48CF6002EB07B)
LC-49CFF6002E (A49CF6002EB06X),
LC-49CFF6002E (A49CF6002EB13D),
LC-49CFF6002E (B49CF6002EB06X),
LC-49CFE6002E (B49CF6002EB08B),
LC-49CFE6002E (C49CF6002EB06X),
 LC-49CFF6002E (D49CF6002EB06X), 
✅✅✅✅✅ I bought this Sharp TV Remotes For my sharp-tv remote. My old sharp-tv got lost. The official sharp aquous tv remote resembled my old remote but I chose the Alternative sharp-tv and It worked on arrival. thumbs up

- Florence Sarah, London, UK

✅✅✅✅✅This sharp-tv remote was a perfect fit for me. I ordered this Official Sharp Aquous TV Remote and the quality was equal to the original. Thank you for solving my problem.

✅✅✅✅Slow delivery 2 weeks to the USA! Good news it's compatible with my sharp-tv remote.

Robert Bradshaw, LA, USA


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