Official York Air Conditioner Remote

Official York Air Conditioner Remote

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In stock, a Brand new Official York Air Conditioner Remote Model: 

We also have alternative remotes for this York Remote which are cheaper and in stock.

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Option 1 - ($£69) An official remote exactly as pictured. 
Option 2 - (£45) An alternative remote - Just insert batteries and it works, it looks different and comes without a wall mount.
Option 3 (£35) A Universal remote which will require programming but has been tested to work with this specific remote model.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our warehouse (Remotes Remade Warehouse)


No programming required. just insert batteries and you are ready to control your AC again.