All LG - Smart TV Remote

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This is the Ideal remote for lost/broken/faulty LG Smart TV Remotes.
It was designed especially for LG. 
Unlike Universal remotes which require complex programming, with this One-For-All Remote, simply insert 2 x AAA Batteries, and it will work right away.

You can save around £12 on a regular LG Remote by ordering this.

No need to set it up.

Free Postage & Packaging offer now on Via Royal Mail 2nd Class.

It works with every model of LG, but here are some models to help clients find this remote through a search
43UH610V, 50UH635V, 32LH604V, 40UH630V, 43LH604V, 49LH604V, 55UH605V, 32LH590, 32LH6047, 32LH604, 40UH630, 43LH590, 43LH6047, 43LH604, 43LH615, 43LH630, 43UH603, 43UH6107, 43UH6109, 43UH610, 43UH6207, 43UH65, 43UH6509, 43UH650, 43UH661, 43LH590, 43LH661, 43LH590, 49LH590, 49LH6047, 49LH604, 49LH615, 49LH630, 49UH603, 49UH603V, 49UH6107, 49UH6107, 49UH6109, 49UH610, 49UH6207, 49UH620, 49UH6507, 49UH6509, 49UH650, 49UH661, 50UH635, 55LH6047, 55LH604, 55LH615, 55LH630, 55UH605, 55UH6157, 55UH6159, 55UH615, 55UH6257, 55UH625, 55UH6507, 55UH6509, 55UH650, 55UH661, 55UH635, 58UH635, 60UH605, 60UH6157, 60UH615, 60UH6257, 60UH625, 60UH6507, 60UH650, 60UH6157, 65UH6159, 65UH615, 65UH6257, 65UH625, 65UH6507, 65UH6509, 65UH650, 65UH661